The Hell You Say!

Ebony magazine, December, 1966

It amazes me what has been lost in the campaign for cultural sensitivity and political correctness. Try publishing this today and see how far it gets. It's a very different world children...

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  1. crazy how different everything has become. youll never find an ebony rag on the shelf today referring to black people as "negros". that's a lot just in itself. i mean, i can go on (as a black man) about that for hours. its hard to explain a lot of the stuff "we" do when i'm talking to white people ... mostly because i got the same fucking questions you do. why cant that idiot wear a belt? why is he hanging out the car window? why the hell does she think i want to hear her damn cell phone conversation? why cant he act like he speaks english? shit man, i dont know either. i know this post was about the change of the times, im just reading it thinking i wish times would change. we need change ... and obama dont know shit about it.