Battle Sissy aka Weekend Warrior

Because Starbucks can be a pretty rough place on a sunday morning in the hood, LM is making me a battle-ready sissybar so I can defend my turf against all comers. Here he is giving me the mock-up on OC J's bike. I'm pretty sure that's "Magnum" that he's throwing at the camera too (although it could be "Blue Steel"...)

In case you didn't feel like showing up

Because it was fucking beautiful, and I was too hungover to actually work, we went for a ride. Lil Mike has this thing about taking pictures and texting them to me while we're riding. I literally mean that when we stop for gas, it's waiting on my phone! This man is slightly mental.

BREAKING THE LAW!!! Yeah, I saw the sign; I did it anyway. What can I say: I'm a fucking criminal.

It's Friday Bitches: roll that whip

Words cannot describe how awesome this guy is! He was getting money from the ATM using only his pimp hand when I snuck this photo. I was too afraid to take his picture, but his blue suede suit matched the car EXACTLY! And don't even ask about his hat! I'm positive he has a different outfit/car for everyday of the week.
Take notes people: this is how to roll in the hood!