Buried Treasure

This was given to me by a friend w/ the statement "you like this fucked-up old chopper shit--hang this on the wall..."
Off-set springer perch with waaaayyyy over rear legs: weighs about 90lbs.

I was going to remove the stem, but decided to do some professional exploration first. The problem is that Mikey is like that kid you invite to your birthday party, and while you're not looking he unwraps your fucking presents!

Steve's professional opinion: "One of these things is not like the other..."

It was even chrome! Damn the 70's were a rough time for old parts... Now, anybody wanna hook a brother up w/ some front legs and a top tree?

Sometimes I Still Miss Texas

$5 says that when asked, she'll tell you that Freebird is the soundtrack to her life

Stolen from Cheap Thrills and Good Times

The road to Mann

Bathroom humor or just poor grammar?

Meet the new prospect: Grease.
His english ain't great, but his scoot is clean!

almost everything you need...

casuality of the road

recycling used motorcycle parts

They knew I was coming.
Next time I'll bring 'em a dictionary...

Show me your War Face!

So much potential

being wasted...

The scoot is coming along nicely

I just got my tins back from the painter yesterday:

In case there was any question, I'm kind of a lone wolf
(with a wolf buddy just in case it gets too lonely).

A gift from some friends

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