The Hell You Say!

Ebony magazine, December, 1966

It amazes me what has been lost in the campaign for cultural sensitivity and political correctness. Try publishing this today and see how far it gets. It's a very different world children...

Things fall apart

Contrary to popular belief, I really don't like working on this bike--I just fix shit when it breaks. Unfortunately, I seem to break a lot of shit... The result has been a sort of roadside evolution: something breaks, I repair/replace it with someting that's laying around and then move on.

I heard Swazi Mike tell somebody "You don't build the problems out of a chopper, you ride the problems out..."

Tally to date: 2 engines, 3 girlfriends, 1 broken leg, 11 frame repairs, 3 jobs, 1 garage fire, and 3 transmissions. A pretty small price all-in-all.